Tulum Tourism Guide: What to Expect in Tulum 2021 (STEP BY STEP GUIDE)

Tulum is situated on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, in the Riviera Maya district. In recent years, the town has become more high-end, due to wealthier travelers flocking in, so prices in Tulum are more expensive than similar resort areas in the Yucatán.

Language: Spanish is the main language spoken by the locals, although most working in the tourism industry will also speak English relatively well.

Currency: The Mexican Peso is the local currency in Tulum.

Credit Cards and Banks: Upmarket restaurants and hotels will take Visa and Mastercard payments, but your best bet is to always carry cash. While US Dollars are accepted at some restaurants and shops, you’ll typically end up paying more than if you pay with Pesos, so take advantage of the local ATM’s around.

Safety: Tulum is extremely safe, but like any destination, don’t leave your belongings unattended. You are fine to walk around at night, just use your street smarts and be aware of your surroundings.

Climate: The average high temperatures in Tulum remain about 80 °F (30°C) throughout the year. The rainiest time of the year is between June and October, while the busiest season for tourism is in the dry period between December and April.

Getting Around in Tulum

Tulum Town: The main town area is located right by Highway 307, while the beach is a little further away, and is home to several upmarket spas and hotels. This is where the banks, shops, cafes and the small nightlife district is located, and is the first part of Tulum you will see when you arrive.

Tulum Beach: This beautiful Caribbean beach is where those looking to relax and unwind will head. It’s home to a superb white sand beach, some lovely restaurants, and a few boutique spas and hotels.

Tulum Ruins: The ruins are a short distance away from Tulum Town. There are plenty of taxis that can be found in all three areas of Tulum, but you can also rent a bicycle if you would rather get around by yourself. This is where you can explore the Mayan ruins that date from between the 13th and 15th centuries.



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