Best Photography Websites 2020

Photography websites are the place to go for all kinds of help. Whether you’re starting out, or you’re a seasoned photographer already, you will need advice and tips.

To make your life easier, we’ve put together this list of top 30 photography websites. Some will offer you news across all photographic fields. Others will give you tutorials on how to create an image with a specife style.

Whatever interests you or you need more help with, these photography websites are the place to go.

  • Dave Morrow Photography


If you’re looking for the best photography websites to help with your landscape photography – look no further. Dave Morrow Photography has everything you need to take the shots you want.

He has also made it easy for you. Head on over to the site and go to the ‘Start Here’ section. He is a guy you can trust, as he spends 3/4 of each year in the wild, capturing unbelievable shots.

To follow his dream of being a photographer, he quit his day job at a high-paying corporate position. Now he receives so much more job satisfaction helping others with his videos and image help.

From the basics to the more complicated themes , read his site and get ready to start learning.

  1. Scott Kelby

Reaction to "50 Brides Reveal What Their Photographers Could Have ...

Scott Kelby is a name that most of us have heard before. He is a Floridian and runs one of the biggest online educational communities.

He also has a few books under his belt. Namely “The Digital Photography Book, Part 1” which became the best selling book in history on photography. He has won awards for other works and seen them translated in many languages.

On top of this, his moniker is the original ‘Photoshop Guy’. You can guess why!

If you’re looking for all sorts of photography help, this is it. From reviews to insights, tutorials, and all kinds of help you can possibly imagine.

  1. The Fashion Camera 

Behind The Scenes - Wedding • The Fashion Camera

Are you an aspiring fashion photographer ? Want to capture lookbooks ,steet  fashion or even high-end fashion studio portraits

You’ll be glad for the help. No doubt you are aware of how difficult the fashion industry is to break into. You definitely don’t want your images to let you down.

Here you’ll find behind-the-scenes help when it comes to fashion photography . Liselotte Fleur is the creator and boy, does she have a lot to tell you. Over the past 12 years, she has gained valuable experience that she wants to pass on.

When it comes to fashion photography, this is the person you want to learn from.

  • Feature Shoot

Southern Utah Bride feature shoot - Utah Wedding PhotographerUtah ...

To begin with, I wasn’t sure what Feature Shoot was. Was it a magazine? Was it an educational photography blog? It is actually both!

What they do is almost written on the tin – they feature those who make the grade. Either from well-established photographers or those who are just starting.

If you have great quality images, your work could feature well here. A great source of inspiration and help across the board.

  • Into The Night Photography

Why I Love My 20mm Lens to Shoot Weddings | Photography, Night ...

As the title of this photography website suggests, it is a place of photographic education on the night sky.

Royce Blair is the man behind this helpful page. He provides useful advice and tips on how to capture all that sits above you.

Straight shots of The milk way ? Including a foreground in your captures? This is the place to come for everything you need.

  • Fiona kelly Photography

B.LOVED Edit Supplier Spotlight: Fiona Kelly Photography – By ...

If it’s weddinh photography  you are looking for, you’re in the right place. Fiona Kelly is the one that gets us through the backdoor to give us all the help we need.

Let’s be honest, unless you are a seasoned high-end event photography , wedding shoots are daunting. So much focus and pressure are placed on the ceremony and celebration.

Luckily, we have someone guiding us and has done so for the last five years. She shares with us everything that she picked up along the way. Not just on how to shoot the bride and groom, but also Group photos made Easy .

The benefit is that her website looks great, and it is very easy to navigate.

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