2020 Websites Best Photography

1. Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond • Adventure Travel & Photography Blog

Calling all travel photographers out there! This is the site you need. From holiday snaps to more thoughtful, environmental portraits, Expert Vagabond has all the best content for traipsing with your camera.

Need to know how to make money with travel photography? That’s fine. Need to know what gear you should take with you? Great. It’s all here.

Matthew Karsten provides a great amount of help, and his website is well put together. “Start Here” is the go-to place if it’s your first time at the site.

You can search by Destination, Travel Tips, or even how to live nomadically as a photographer.


2. Cambridge in Colour

panoramic of a series of bridges over the River Cam at Cambridge ...

Cambridge in Color has such a nice ring to it, even if it does sound a little professor-esque. The website is simple, and some might say even dated. This means the content must be good, as all efforts must be poured into it.

Founded in 2005, this photography website has gained many photographers who share their tips and tricks. Unlike other photography blogs, this page tells you exactly what you need to take into account to get the shot.

Whatever you need to know, this should be your first port of call. Be it information on lenses, gear choices, or external devices, they have it all.


3. Behind the Shutter

Behind the Shutter - Free Photography Training and Education ...

Behind the Shutter is an aptly named blog. It is aimed at all the different kinds of people behind the camera, either enthusiasts or professionals. Everyone can get something from this great photography website.

Perhaps it is elevating your photography with better lighting. Or getting tones right for timeless images. Either way, you’ll find something here that will help you take better images.

You can also find business tips on how to be successful and make money from your photography. No matter what types of photography you want to pursue.

It’s not hard to lose a whole afternoon to this easy-to-navigate website. At least you’ll learn a lot.


4. Peter McKinnon

Download Peter Mckinnon Lightroom Presets of 2020 for Free | Peter ...

We all know Peter McKinnon. He has been the face of photography for the last few years, and with good reason too. He is a photographer and video-maker and prefers to hand over his tips by video.

His videos aren’t poorly done with scratchy sound. They all have grade-A quality, which helps to show prospective photographers his advice in the best light. They are a joy to watch.

He covers smartphone photography, lens and gear reviews, and how to get the shots you want. He is definitely worth a watch, and you’ll get a lot out of the content he puts across.


5. BJP (British Journal of Photography)

British Journal of Photography by British Journal of Photography ...

The British Journal of Photography has been an establishment in the UK for all photographers to follow. Their monthly magazine was the go-to place for me when I was studying photography. (And it still is today.)

Founded in 1854, it still manages to stay ahead of the times. The website provides inspiration through bodies of work from all types of photographers.

They have student and professional awards. Their site is perfect for finding new and inspiring photographers. You can even apply and be the name that others look at.


6. Petapixel

Wedding Photog: This is Why Guests Should Put Phones Away

Petapixel is the news forecasting service of all things photographic. They let you know about reviews and what cameras are good for specific fields. The part I like the most, are the articles on what happens to photographers in the field.

We all like to know about the next court battle between a photographer with principles, and a corporation who used unlicensed images. It helps us know where to turn to if we were in that position.

These articles are well written, from a slew of writers and disciplines. They look at all areas that you may find interesting. It is a great source to dip into for tutorial videos, as well as continually edited situational stories.

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